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Originally Posted by spursfan9 View Post
easily a flagrant, of f-1 variety.
good call.

at the same time, he should get fined for the ridiculousness that occurred after he hit the floor flopping around like he was having a seizure. lol, i was rofl

but to purely respond to the title of the the thread:
"Flagrant foul, really?" --> yeah, really. easy call. f-1
That's about right.
Manu was flying past Allen during the foul. He not only grabbed him, but pulled an airborne Allen. If the jerseys were reversed, there'd be calls for a 2 game suspension of Allen for pulling Manu to the ground.

I'm slightly surprised that there hasn't been any word from the NBA on the obvious flop/acting. Even if it was the first warning, it should have been something. Just a league recognition that that particular play falls into the anti-flopping jurisdiction.
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