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Originally Posted by pjm View Post
I would guess that most people just ignore Manu's bad games because they are counting on you coming here and making sure everyone knows you think he always has a bad game and makes ill advised decisions all the time. And that if we loose is because of Manu and if we win is because Spurs are too good even to overcome Manu's shortcomings

So why bother to comment about Manu when we already have you for that?
So I have the power to keep people from posting things about Manu? I more awesome than I thought.

This wasn't a Bonner>Manu thing. I mentioned Bonner because everyone seems to dump on one person when something goes wrong, and it's usually Bonner. And they seem to ignore the things that start the opposing team getting momentum, like turnovers, bad shots, stupid defensive mistakes...and a lot of the time Manu is right in the middle of that. I'm not saying no one else was the cause, but it's one thing to take good shots and miss them, it's another to try a pass that has a 10% chance of working, or jacking up 3's that don't even touch the rim early in the shot clock, etc. The thing is Manu used to make up for that in the 4th quarter, he can't do that anymore.
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