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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
Considering Mysa's content is from the Express News, which is a newspaper first and foremost, it makes sense to place newspaper content behind a paywall. We pay for newspaper content in physical papers, why not for the same content online? I already have a paper sub so I can access either way, but that content is nowhere near free to produce and ads likely can't support all of it, so stop complaining. I doubt they'll miss the revenue from free content.
Physical papers have cost, they're writing on paper, delivery costs etc. You can not compare it with the soft papers.

Moreover, paying 2.5$ per week is not logical. Web advertisments are very profitable and the Express News don't need to charge fee to their readers. Moreover I'm living in a foreign country and I'm pretty sure that there are tones of Spurs fans in my situation. Why should I pay 2.5$ per week to read only Spurs news in a paper? I only want to read only about my Spurs. So why should I pay for tones of news in San Antonio which I don't care none of them?
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