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I've never defended an NBA ref in my life--and I certainly don't plan on starting any time soon. The inconsistent (if not outright shady) officiating is and has been the problem with the league for, hell....years.

NBA Refs Suck. That doesn't mean grabbing the arm of an airborne player isn't a dangerous, arguably flagrant play every time it occurs--whether or not it is called flagrant at the time it occurs.


The Fisher turn-and-shoot is a non sequitur that has nothing to do with Manu's foul and/or Allen's subsequent acting job. Hell, Fisher's shot was a catalyst for a couple of MAJOR changes in the NBA, namely: 1) Full league implementation of red light indicators above the stanchion; and, 2) Modified "Trent Tucker Rule" time frames required for "catch-turn-shoot," "catch-shoot" and "tip" scenarios. Yes, we got jobbed then. NBA refs suck now, and they sucked then. Putting up with the sh*tty-at-best officiating is part and parcel to being the diehard fans that we are.
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