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Originally Posted by exit7 View Post
Ok, Tiago makes almost $1 million more than Carter, but you could argue Carter had better stats. So using your argument, we would be better off with Vince Carter than Tiago, right?

You can't just look at Stats and Money, and not take into account what they bring to the team. Big men are a commodity, and as such they are going to bring in a little more money.
I think my point of view is going over most heads here. So let them pay 11 million a year for Splitter since some dumb team will give him big bucks. I'm talking about taking into account salary with production to include salary cap hold. I would rather have a VC TYPE of a player.......salary wise............production wise...........salary cap wise................versus MATT BONNER or a Matt Bonner type of player for what he gets paid.
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