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Needing a clutch shot to win the game, Bonner would be waaay down the list of who I would like to see take it. Now he's had a pretty good play offs, comparatively speaking for his game, but clutch doesn't come to mind when we talk about Bonner. And listen, this whole Bonner/ Manu thing is ridiculous. Its apples to oranges. We are talking about a complete one dimensional role player, who if he knocks down some shots in the playoffs for once we give him an entire thread. Versus Manu being a key component, multifaceted cog in an attempt to win another title. Glad Bonner has hit some shots. Glad he can bang ZBo since we are double teaming him every time he touched it, and Bonner only misses the occasional rotation. We will take that. But he is what he is. Play him a few minutes. If he hits some shots and doesn't hurt us too bad, we will take it. Manu, on the other hand, breathes life into the Spurs. He will bring things to a game and series that the staff and opponents love and fear. Manu is a key to a title. Anything Bonner gives us is a true bonus.
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