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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Per 48 is not an exact science but when you are talking about bench players you either go deeply into what their minutes were and at what point of the game, or just throw out the per 48 stat to compare bench players. I wouldn't use it to compare him to a starter or first off the bench that gets big minutes, but I think it is effective for the like for like comparison.

When looking at which bench player is better you have to look at the role they will fill, we don't need another 6"6 wing we need a 6"10' PF who can also defend the post. So Bonner is better out of the two for us, and VC is on a steady decline so you won't know what you get if anything from year to year.
Once again you forgot to take into account salaries. I didn't say bring VC to the Spurs. I was using his stats and salary and the fact he is a starter versus a guy who plays 13 minutes a game during the season and is a bench player. Michael Finley was on the decline when he came to SA FYI. Never said VC to the Spurs. But VC is the better player and makes less money.
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