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Originally Posted by WhiteChocolateJr View Post
...I expected to see Allen fined today for the rolling around, holding his head like he got shot BS. As soon as the refs announced the call, he popped to the FT line, sank two, and never touched his head again. Hmmm.
Can't wait to see Allen fined. LOL. Some freaking awesome fine acting...

Then soon as Allen got rewarded with the FT and the possession he was looking fine..

Refs made a mistake and Timmy said it right after the game that Allen sold it more than anything. Timmy said it was a weird play and RIGHTFULLY sticks with his teammate Manu and saying Manu did the right thing!!!

But Tim said the ruling says that if officials feel that Allen was in a vulnerable position and the play was excessive then it is a flagrant. Still it is what it is.

Even Manu after practice today said that it is probably what the officials said flagrant. But that should not stop Manu from playing hard playoff intensive D too... I am sure... And I agree with Manu it it is the PO and Memphis need to know that by now.

That earned Memphis to the FT and OT but thankfully Spurs woke up and got back in the game in OT which is the BEST REVENGE = Spurs win!!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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