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Not only Bonner but all Spurs stopped moving that ball and looked dead in the fourth. Tony was a MONSTER and did an outstanding job in the first 3 quarters with 18 assists, however Tony needed to take a breather so Memphis got back in the game and spent so much energy to do so but all they could come up with was crating that OT with their dirty call from Allen. Spurs still closed them in OT!!!Thank Goodness for Timmmmmmmmmaaaay coming BIG in OT.

Look all I care about is that Spurs got the W...

I don't see any crack of light of hope Memphis can build upon in that fourth quarter come back especially since Tony Allen was just did some fine acting job to get that none flagrant call on Manu which was easily a hard PO foul not a flagrant.... Oh well... Officials were not consistent all game long, but that should not stop Spurs from playing better and forcing the W!!!!

Spurs however I can see them adjust better in game 3. For example Pop can manage Spurs starters minutes wiser which could very well mean Spurs go up 3-0 by then.

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!

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