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The only reality is this; Manu needs to takes shots to open up his game. And he only took six shots, made 3, and one of them was the play at the end of the game when Tony and Bonner put him in a position to throw up a last second shot. We have an entire thread on Bonner playing well, when in fact his foul on ZBo was a worse play than Manus. Manus came off a complete hustle play, after he tried to bail out TP and Bonner at the end of the shot clock. Bonner was completely out of position and committed a horrible foul on ZBo. That was a huge turning pointing the ebb and flow. And, made it a 4 point game. People on this board SHOULD be happy when Bonner hits a few shots. He has to, in order to make any impactst all. He's not a inate basketball player. He has to have that short moment to think before he reacts. It's what makes it tough for him to play help defense, or get a shot off if someone closes out fast. Has he played ok defense on ZBo? I think he has followed the game plan, but we are fronting him every time. What has been making it tough, is weak side help, and on ball pressure on the entry pass. Lets face it, every time Pop sees it getting out of control, he will put Manu in. He settles the team down. He stretches the floor just like Bonner does, even if he doesnt hit shots. He is the one they call on to make whatever play we run at ends of games work on every one of our sets. Not just a single set. He also gives them a second ball handler when he and TP ate in together to releave pressure. If Joseph is in, Manu HAS to be in. Oh, and he has cojones bigger than Bonners Red head. That's what this town sees in Manu, and what wins titles.
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