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So, part of the refs job going to the monitor is determining intent. I think it was painfully obvious there was no intent on Manus part. What makes no sense to me, is the foul Allen committed tripping TP in game one. For that matter, intentionally pushing Timmy to the floor after Timmy finally rebounded the seventh straight miss by the Grizz at point blank range towards the end of the first half. I see and understand the rule. But in my mind, what the great whistler blowers do, is see and determine intent. A foul by Manu it was. A silly foul at that given the situation. But not a flagrant. There as certainly a myriad of un Spur like plays toward the end of the fourth quarter. From KY getting ripped, to Timmy not securing a toss back save from TP under the hoop, to Bonners bad decision to give ZBo a bucket and one. It was a bit like game 4 vs the Warriors. We just happened to pull this one out. Again, gives Pop a lot of things to refocus the team on. If we can weather the storm to start out Sat, we could pull out a W.
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