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Originally Posted by WhiteChocolateJr View Post
I don't know about that...

If Manu had wrapped Allen up from behind: Good, clean PO foul.
If Manu had smacked the ball and caught Allen's arms: Good, clean PO foul.

Grabbing an airborne player's wrist is a recipe for injury. Yes, Allen exaggerated the impact and after-effect of the fall; however, that doesn't factor into whether the initial contact was "unnecessary." Remember Juwan Howard whacking Derek Anderson in '01? Separated shoulder...out for the POs because of one single "good hard foul" on an airborne--and therefore vulnerable--player. The special rules and special treatment of vulnerable players are in place to protect players from injury. Different story if Allen doesn't leave his feet; different story if Manu doesn't grab and pull Allen's wrist.
Manu would have had to have a rocket up his ass to wrap up allen there..was not a flagrant...what made it a flagrant is the flop. Game 1 there was a foul commited by someone on manu that the analyst said ''if ginobili falls there, the refs call a flagrant''. It was as hard a foul, manu just didnt act. Allen just fooled the refs....bottom line... allen probably didnt even need to act though, refs doing whatever they could to keep grizz alive.
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