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If you really want to know what Simmons really thinks about the Spurs, just listen to his last podcast It is a 30 minute opus to how much he loves Tim Duncan and thinks he's the greatest player of his generation. He also goes on how much he loves Ginobili, Parker and Pop and as a bonus he rips on Kobe. I don't think there is any kind of bias, he just has genuinely bought into the notion that the Spurs can't handle the Griz size (as many people on this very board were grousing about just 24 hours ago: (MEMPHIS = MATCHUP NIGHTMARE))

I'd give him a huge break. He is one of the few guys on BSPN who regularly gives the Spurs credit. And keep in mind as a Celtics fan he should be bitter because through luck (Duncan) and incompetence (Parker), the Spurs snagged two players that should have been wearing green and white.
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