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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
The Spurs better completely forget what they did in game 1. It was a fluke, a nice fluke, but a fluke none the less. The Spurs set a team record for made 3s in the playoffs and Randolph had only 2 points which would be a career playoff low if he didn't score 0 points in 1 minute of PT back in 2002. Neither one of those things will be happening again let alone both in the same game.

If I were Pop I would sit the team down for film tomorrow, take the DVD of game 1 out of the player and burn it in front of them.
I don't know you watched the game but this game was not fluke. We set team record by connecting 14 three pointer and we scored 14 of first 27 tries. But it was anyting but not fluke. At least 25 of those 27 shots were open looks and all of our shooters were shooting without any defender in 1 yard.

This game was not fluke, it was the receipt of beating Memphis. Keep ball movement, drive inside and find the open look shooter outside. Inside and outside, we're going to make Memphis guys crazy.

And in defense, risk their shooters, protect the painted area. Don't let Zach to get the ball by defending from inside. If we don't allow him to get the ball like in the first game, he will not find the rhtym. They don't have any reliable 3 pointer except Pondexter and he is a bench player. That's why I don't think that we're going to lose any game which we build 15+ advantaga.

And yes Zach scored 2 points with 1-8 FG. Pretty bad.

What about our side?
Duncan shoot 3-9 FG and finished with 6 points.
Manu was 2-6 FG and scored only 8 points.

And we won by 22!

I'll repeat again: This game is played how I imagined and that's the way to beat those guys. And it was not fluke, it was the preview of the following games.
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