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Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
Not sure we got it last series. So let's just hope we get one more from bonner.

I don't expect a lot from bonner, but I do expect him to hit wide open three's. He didnt do it last series, but off to a great start this series. The spurs as a team seemed very confident from the tip, bonner definately fed off of that. Never looked like the spurs were ever comfortable vs GS. Maybe it was just me that was uncomfortable.
I think he was just a bad matchup against that team. His entire reason for existence is to pull big men out of the paint. GS played a lot of small ball and it didn't take Pop long to realize that there was no need to force Bonner out there. Now that we are back to lumbering big men, Bonner's ability to pull them out of the paint or make them pay with threes, like today, will be big again.

Keep it up Red Rocket

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