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Pick the Winners Game - Second Round - May 18th

Scores updated through May 16th

Being that there is a maximum of 2 games remaining in this round, mathematically, I still have a chance. But realistically, Mombear has already beaten me this round.
All the other series have already been decided so we have the Conference Finals matchups set. I'll start a new thread for Sunday's game.
Still, I'll keep receiving the picks for tomorrow's game to keep the final scores on this round.

Games for May 18th

New York @ Indiana

Western Conference

1) thesuspence281 - No pick sent

4) Dulce

Indiana by 6

2) Guille

New York by 27

3) fakemxcan

Indiana by 8

Eastern Conference

1) pjm

New York by 25

4) Mombear - No pick sent

2) spurscrazed

Indiana by 5

3) esparzar1 - No pick sent
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