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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
One of our other role players needs to step up, two preferably! It is that simple. This is why we go on those long droughts I mention, O too preditable, ISO starts and they miss their shots! It is as if teams know aht they are going to do, it is probably true since they have done it so long but we had the players then (And youth of our stars) to make it work. We need more than Manu just to step up I agree! Manu is doing alright sides some ill advised pass and some silly TO's, other than that I agree he is doing what he can as a 6th man.

What I miss though is his driving to the rack! He used to be able to do that and draw a foul and get to the line and bury two for us when we needed it ! This jump shooting Manu can't do that anymore. It is not his fault as age hits, but honestly I miss that part of his game the most as it was automatic down the stretch in key games. If we had 75% of that Manu now we win that last game down the stretch. We need Neal or someone else to step up though and hit some shots, no doubt some of our role guys dissapear at the worst damn times.
See Manu needs to grow his hair back out so that he can make the foul calls look more dramatic! Even though at this point of his balding he may look like Kaman used to lol
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