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If you are relegated to losing the series, or not advancing , then go ahead and let KY learn on the fly. He is no doubt our future. But even you can see he was extremely nervous in his shots, free throws, passing, and even put back dunk. He's just not ready to have the ball in his hands possession after possession. Again, how much more of an all around game can a team ask for from their sixth man than what Manu had last game? KY had more turnovers than Manu, and Manu has the ball in his hands much much more. Look, Manu's not what he was. But he's good enough, and no doubt the best the Spurs have, given our teams components. The ball HAS to be in Manu's hands. He's our ONLY player that can give us the multiple threats for everyone. Whether running the high screen and roll with Timmy, playing inside out from the wing with Timmy, making the skip pass on the flare screen we run for Green, driving the lane and making the corner pass on the pin down screen for Neal or KY, coming off a brush screen to make the D decide to guard him or dump it to Timmy at the free throw line, or even crossing over Barnes on the wing and shoot the pull up 3 like he did, even though it was a miss. There is just not anyone on our team, not too many guys in the league actually, that can be asked to do all of those different options on a single possession. So you would rather run a play for Ky? He's probably had a dozen plays run for him the entire year, and you want to run a play for him in game four on the road because he's our future? Trust me, Pop wants to win now. If Ky is our future, thats great. I think he's going to be very good. But unless you have some different colored sunglasses than me, our chance of winning a title or even advancing, as small as it may seem, diminishes every year with Timmy's age. Pops not going to drink a glass of wine on the plane ride back, and draw up a play for a 21 year old kid that looks like what he is. A hell of a talent, but a 21 year old kid. Remember, as good as he was as a rookie last year, he was non factor against the Thunder when the stakes got high. He needs to be what he is. A complimentary player, that lives off of the opportunities that come within the flow of our current system. Next year, I'm sure Pop will look at how our team is constructed, and plan accordingly. But if you want to advance, based on whatever chance you think we have, we are not going to be putting the ball in anyones hands except Manu, TP, and Timmy at the end of the game, unless it's some kind of set play for an open look. Which, by the way, will probably come from a Manu pass...
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