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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Ok then thats an answer go for Neal as the three point off the bench, so then you are missing a big you would currently have TD, Splitter, Diaw and Baynes (apparently they are saying they see potential and want to develop him more). That could work if you get a back up SF, looking at free agents (ignoring restricted etc):
- Speights (Shooting PF so could work, player option currently getting $4 mill)
- Garcia (Rockets do have team option but if they don't he performed ok and would be available for decent money)
- Earl Clark
- AK 47 still has some in the tank.
- Ronnie Brewer is cheap could be worht developing
- Alan Anderson (early days but could work out well)

I would go for one of the first three but then I am still not confident in getting any free agent already in the league which is why I back the current parts usually.
I like Tony Allen to be honest as a free agent target.
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