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He IS our finisher. That's what he's asked and needed to do. We dont have anyone else we can put the rock in their hands at the end of the game, and make the D honest. TP if hes on a roll scoring. But he wont create for others. and he hasnt been pur D liability this series. Its been Neal and Parker. It's not like he's a Bonner running around on D not even knowing who he's supposed to rotate too, and can't get there even when he does. He's our only swing player that has a multifaceted game. Can create on his own, and create for others. And if you want reasons we went to overtime, check out game 4 shots by Timmy and Tony at the end of the fourth quarter. At least Manu redeemed himself. I'll give you that he's been injury prone as of late. That certainly comes from his frenetic style.However, he's still got the highest basketball IQ on the team along with Tim. And, he HAS to play more minutes than he should, because who are we going to bring in? Neal? Don't think so. TMac? Please. Bonner? Well he's a year away from being captain of the New Hampshire church league team. And probably a year late being just that. Manu can go 6-17 like Tony just did, but still be our key player. Again, look around at our team. We are in the Western conference semis, with 2 out of 3 left at home. And Manu is our ONLY 2-3 that can put the ball on the floor and create. Most teams left have 2,3 or 4 of those type of players. I will live every playoff game with our sixth man giving us the numbers he just gave us. How about our 2 All Stars stepping up? Or our young 'future' star?
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