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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
13.4 minutes per game. 4.2 points per game. 1.9 rebounds per game.

2013-14 is partially guaranteed if waived before June 29, 2013, fully guaranteed after that.

$3,945,000 you wanna pay that next year? Oh wait it's not your money or cap space.

To answer your question yeah there is little to choose from when getting a big man who shoots 3's. My thing is why pay it? Look at Gary Neal's contract. Better bang for the buck.
Ok then thats an answer go for Neal as the three point off the bench, so then you are missing a big you would currently have TD, Splitter, Diaw and Baynes (apparently they are saying they see potential and want to develop him more). That could work if you get a back up SF, looking at free agents (ignoring restricted etc):
- Speights (Shooting PF so could work, player option currently getting $4 mill)
- Garcia (Rockets do have team option but if they don't he performed ok and would be available for decent money)
- Earl Clark
- AK 47 still has some in the tank.
- Ronnie Brewer is cheap could be worht developing
- Alan Anderson (early days but could work out well)

I would go for one of the first three but then I am still not confident in getting any free agent already in the league which is why I back the current parts usually.
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