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As a point of clarification, this isn't a new role to Manu. He came off the bench in 2003 championship for Stephen Jackson, and 2007 for Finley. And, there is a reason he has the ball in his hands at crunch time. He's more multi faceted than Tony. Tony has it, it's going up for sure in a late game situation. Manu gives us more options. Will he turn it over, or take an ill advised shot? Yes. but I want someone with the cojones to miss however many in a row, then step up and make the big 3. I would much rather see tgat than yesterdays so called role players alligator arm it. Is his window fading? Yes. Is it closed? No. As for chasing 23 year olds around, it's TP the Warriors are singling out on the mismatch. Going to Barnes when we switch, or having Jack lite us up in 3 straight iso's. I also don't buy the confidence thing. Pop has drawn up plays for both of those guys at the end of games as Pop would say, they are pros. It's their job to make plays and step up. Harrison Barnes had no issues with confidence, and he's there at least fourth option. Again, we just need to hit shots. We held the Warriors to 84 in regulation? Make a few shots, heck even a few free throws last game, we win. Our game plan is fine. Pop will not deviate one bit. Memphis or OKC, or the Heat would be a different story. And hell, Manu is younger than Timmy, younger than guys like Dirk or KG, just months older than Kobe.
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