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I think the Spurs can win the series but they won't get that 5th ring this season. Look it does come down to making shots in the end. The Big 3 is older and need help. With age comes inconsistent play. The Spurs traded for RJ looking for that scorer. It failed but on paper it looked great. They need another go to guy who is not on the downside of his career. But unlike past years, The Spurs will be way under the cap for once. The Manu and SJax deals were like 24 million plus for just those two bench players alone. Only issue......... who will sign in SA? Howard? Josh Smith? Highly doubtful. The Spurs need to reinvest in the draft. Explore sign & trade options.(Splitter) Bring in or use their international prospects for trading purposes. This summer they will have to put it all on the table and figure out how to compete against the elite and beat them. I know this upcoming draft is weaker than last year but there are still some good prospects in the top 45. 2014 should have an improved draft class too. The draft is the key in my view to get back to the top.

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