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Manu pretty much carried them the first half. He did also hit a big 3 and a driving layup in the fourth. We had more issues with Timmy missing shot after shot in the fourth, whe we went four down. It wouldn't hurt to have Neal hit a jumper or 2, especially to make up for his lack of D, or have KY hit and outside shot. I like what Leonard is giving us, but he is starting to look hesitant on his shot. Our problem isn't Manu. It's exactly what happens in the playoffs. The teams that win have a role player or 2 step up. Much like Barnes and Landry did for the Warriors. Guys like Battier and Chalmers have for the Heat. Or A Tony Allen for the Grizz. It's the difference between a W and an L. We can live with exactly what Manu gave us. If Tony and Tim would have played well, we would have put this a way early. By the way, the Warriors startegy in the fourth was much the same. Put the ball in Jack's hands, and let him go one on one. The big Thompson shot in the fourth was also an iso play. Thats the NBA in a nutshell at the end of games. Sometimes, as Pop says, it just comes down to hitting shots. By the way, anybody else notice Neal is drifting left on his jumpers?
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