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Originally Posted by 3 Legged Dog View Post
And the ref conveniently did not notice Bogut blatantly holding Green's arm. Lot of love from refs to GS today. LOTS. That's said if Timmy and Manu could manage to shoot better than 5 of 11 from the line, even conspiratorially bad officiating wouldn't have mattered.

Bad officiating aside, This Spur team just doesn't have it. They're no where near good enough to win one last ring.
+1. The problem is they always stick to the same crew year after year, get a great season record and the playoffs prove to be the same. See the pattern? That's why guys like Tiago, Bonner sit the bench in big games, and people are against guys like Al Jefferson being on this team, stating Tiago has improved and is more of a value at his price tag. Jefferson takes and eats Splitters lunch, even if it is 7 million more a year. That crappy a$$ hook, he can't create for hiself and no jump shot! Jefferson would fit perfect in the system. Duncan likes the jumpshot and Al likes to post up. High, low offense from both, both can shoot and Al being paired with Timmy would definitely benefit Tim and the Spurs. Tiago needs to walk, along with Bonner and Jefferson needs to be here next year. I'm tired of not having a dependable big next to Duncan year after year.... It's time to get some real help!
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