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Originally Posted by Money4Nothing View Post
I think this is a pretty good point.

If Curry and Thompson really are as good as they were in game 1 and 2, then nobody is beating them (except maybe the Heat, who can be just as good on offense). But I don't think they are really that good. They just got hot at the same time that the Spurs didn't have a good defensive handle.

If Curry and Thompson shoot their average, they can still beat us if our defense is porous and our offense is inefficient. But at least we should be favored in most aspects of the game then.

I think if we continue to contest well and make the Warriors take tough shots, and limit the transition shots, then the shooting percentages will even out a bit and we'll start to win games.

Scary thing is that the series is short enough that it's conceivable that Curry and Thompson could shoot 60% from 3 over the course of 5 or 6 games and bump us out. Then of course they'll shoot 20% against Thunder/Griz and get bounced hard.

Its very possible GS bumps us out, but I read Curry was limping badly out of the locker room so their odds are dropping.
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