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Much appreciated. GS definitely has our attention, but to think that we are unable to win on the road when we've been the better team all along is absolutely ridiculous to me. This is where poise and experience comes into play. And I bet Pop has told his team that they only played portions of both games with spurs basketball. I expect a focused and hungry spurs team after laying as egg in both games but with the series tied. I hope GS comes out too pumped and gets long ball hungry again
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That's exactly what I'm expecting. Now the pressure is on them so to speak. Us against the world mentality worked in San Antonio. Hope it reverses now that they're home
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Are we really saying they are the better team. You people are sad, truly are. First off we should be happy with the series being tied because we should be down 0-2. We have yet to play a complete game and mind you their backcourt went off again from 3 point land. I am confident we'll win AT LEAST one game in GS. I'll even go as far to say that we'll win game 3. Stay classy fellow spurs fans
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Good call to everyone who thought opposite of me. Ive never been so happy to be wrong...I pray we can keep it going!

Feel free to serve me up some crow.

I love it Go spurs go!!!
“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising in every time we fall”

- Confucius
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