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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
There's no defense against shooters like Curry and Thompson. They don't need a lot of daylight to shoot. All they need is a pick, and whether or not the defender goes under or through, that gives those guys enough space to shoot. The only way they can be stopped at the 3pt line is if they shoot their average or go completely cold. The real issue is the Spurs inefficiency on the offensive end. They need to shoot at their average, plain and simple. If you remember in the Suns series you refer to, the Spurs weren't blowing them out. They were close games and the Spurs had to outscore them. That's what they are going to have to do here.
i'll disagree to an extent with the daylight comment. when the Spurs go under the screen, of course that gives them way too much room. when they go over the screen, the help isn't there to box him in. one of the easiest ones to look at if you remember is when Kawhi got picked by Bogut last game and Curry ran baseline as quick as he could and shot that jumper over Splitter. Tiago was so far back on defense that his contest was useless. now if he gets there before, Curry would've been forced to pass it up.

also look where Leonard/Green are playing their man. when Bonner started, they were playing "halfway" defense where they try to play the drive and contest over focusing on one. that gives them way too much room to operate. this lack of defense was evident when Danny Green (about 3-4 inches taller and longer than Curry) played so far back on Curry when he fouled him on the elbow on the 3. if he was closer, no way that's a foul but because he was reaching, that foul happened. they're making ridiculous shots, but the Spurs can definitely play better defense on them in the perimeter.
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