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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Agreed to not get too excited after one good game but again you don't have an alternative we can discuss just "anyone"....

It's not that hard just have a look at which players are $3.9 mill or lower and are not on a rookie contract and are actually in the league so we have some idea as to whether they can actually play at NBA level or not and suggest who you think would do a better job.

Because the argument from me is not that he deserves more or that he is a key reason for a win, he deserves what he gets and is not in the top 5 offensive or defensive options so should not be singled out after a loss.

What he brings is three point shooting, this year he is at 70% in the playoffs, and good defence on a PF or C.... not SF pretending to be that.

I do not see an alternative for the price that can do that so I appreciate what Bonner brings.
he won't see 3.9 million next year from anyone
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