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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
Are we really saying they are the better team. You people are sad, truly are. First off we should be happy with the series being tied because we should be down 0-2. We have yet to play a complete game and mind you their backcourt went off again from 3 point land. I am confident we'll win AT LEAST one game in GS. I'll even go as far to say that we'll win game 3. Stay classy fellow spurs fans

What have we shown besides that we are older, slower, defensively and offensively worse? You say we are lucky to be tied and that we should be down 0-2, but they aren't the better team? I don't get it? This is the playoffs, how can we expect to beat anyone if they can't play a complete game on their own court! Yes, their backcourt did go off AGAIN. You think going back to GS is going to change that? I hope you are right, because I do have a habit of getting really discouraged when spurs play so awful. I love this team, and it kills me! I give us a chance, but it isn't good. But when I say its over, im not talking GS specifically....At some point we will have to face the Heat if we advance.. I see about 20 LeBron FT per game against us.
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