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The spurs loss last night is tough for one reason and one reason only – we are headed to Golden State with a game tomorrow night with the following game being 36 hours later. The spurs are an older team and it is going to be tough to keep up with the run and gun Golden State team. The only way to beat them at this point is to change our philosophy, slow down the pace of the game, wait for the shot clock to get down under 14 seconds before getting into our rotations and milk the clock. Play a half court style of offense and as soon as we shoot, we need to rush back on defense and force them into a half court offense as well. They want to run and gun, they are rhythm shooters and we need to get them out of their style of offense. We have to remember that they are a young team, we can get them rattled quickly by putting them in a position they are not comfortable in.

I also think we need to play Blair more, he is more suited for this style of team than Tiago is. He can bang around for rebounds, hustle and do the little things that Splitter cannot do. Kwahi needs to focus SOLELY on shutting down Curry and not worry about his offense. Go into Bruce Bowen mode. Put Danny Green on Klay Thompson and Parker on Jack.

TOMORROW NIGHT – Season is on the line!
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