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Originally Posted by tuncaboylu View Post
This series remind me 2010 play-offs against Phoenix.

They were a complete mismatch for us and couldn't find any solution against their offense. They swept us and they well deserved.

Now the same scenerio is happening against GSW. Somehow we have won the first game, but they're dominating the series. Golden State is a hell for an away team and they have one of the most aggressive fans in the league.

Hard to accept but I also think that we've no chance to win a game in that atmosphere there after seeing first 2 games. It seems that this series over for me too, I'm hopeless.
There was a lot of truth on the Phoenix series but Manu was hurt and Mavs series was tough on the Spurs. It was the perfect storm and Phoenix was riding high at the time. Also Mike D was gone in Phoenix and he was a big issue on their playoff failures . GS is tough at home no doubt but it's not like playing the 80's Celtics in the Boston Garden with a hall of fame front court to include a back to back to back MVP. It can be done. The Spurs can still win the series. It's not over.
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