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Twitter Quotes and Quotes from the Game

"No, no, he didn't say a word. There are faces…. that mean a lot." -Manu on Pop


Warriors saying #spurs will execute you to death


I bet Popovich would be one of the greatest hostage negotiators of all-time.


I love Coach Pop in interviews! "I go from wanting to trade him on the spot, to wanting to make him breakfast tomorrow morning" #MANU

Congratulations Manchester United Champions of England 2013! Hat-trick by van Persie seals it! #EPL #ManU NO WAIT... WRONG MANU...LOL


#Manu! Future Hall of Famer. One of the greatest clutch players of all time.

Manu Ginobili Verified account @manuginobili

El 20 de los Spurs y el 5 de Argentina.

Jose Grijalva and #1 in our hearts

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