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Originally Posted by stuffedmushroomz View Post
Ya know at some point ppl gotta understand that the constant firing of good coaches hurts continuity and growth of a team. If Organizations support their coach after making the playoffs, make a trade or waive & sign someone that could make the difference in continuity and how far they can go in the Playoffs.
Having to start all over, learning a new system, new habits, new coach personality really is stupid when they wonder why they can't compete for a championship. Bad move on the Nets part for firing Avery, even worst for firing PJ!
this was technically not a bad firing because PJ was always the "interim" head coach. they only guaranteed his spot until the season. next season they can start over with a new face, especially if they hire someone before the draft.

i can sense some love for PJ on the board, but as a head coach he doesn't have a good track record. watch Game 7 over again and see if the players were listening to him or turning him out, the latter is what it was looking like.
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