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Pick the Winners Game - Playoffs Edition - 2nd Round - May 5th

Final scores for the First Round

Please read everything carefully before posting any picks.

I won't be able to update scores until Monday, but wanted to start this as soon as possible.

The first 8 players at the end of the First Round (that includes tonight's game between Chicago and Brooklyn) will go on to the Second Round and go head to head according to seeds (1 vs 8, etc). We still don't know until tonight's game who will be matching up with whom.

The idea is that for head to head matchups we will use margin of victory as an additional tiebreaker (if players are tied both in points and percentage) so from now onwards we will not only be picking the winner but for how many points are they going to win.

So picks will have to go something like: Spurs by 5

The idea is for picks to be "secret" so neither player has the advantage over the other in picking after knowing what the other picked.

So for tomorrow, the idea is that all the players that have a chance of making it to the Second Round (finishing in the Top 8 of the First Round after tonight's game) should send me a personal message with your picks (don't forget the margin of victory).

On Monday, once I have all the scores updated I'll post each of the head to head matchups.
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