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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
The thing is I have said just this before! I don't get how sexual preference makes you a hero or special? Okay you are so be it, better things to worry about in the world than this here. I am glad you put it like that though as far as the last part, don't have to go around all day announcing I am straight and calling it a lifestyle. It is what it is.
It's because we still live in a day and age when people will treat you differently because you're gay; it's like masochism or racism. You're right that there are more important things but does that mean that we should not talk about it? I think that in the world of sport it is even harder for a gay person to come out so that's why Jason Collins' come out is important. The fact that many people say "who cares" and still take the time to write that comment shows that it bothers them somehow.
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