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The difference between Spurs and teams like the Warriors

I dont know how many times I've heard reporters try to goad players or coaches about talking about future games or matchups before the game at hand has been delt with. Tonight in the GS DEN game with about 10 minutes left in the game Mark Jackson told his team during a timeout, who were up by about 16-18 at the time, that they were essentially in the second round. The team then went on to lose their lead from 18 at the largest I believe, down to four with about 5 minutes left. Then they built it back up to 9 and again it was whittled down to 2 in the final minute with the Nuggets missing a layup to tie in the last 20 seconds. That is one thing that all spurs players/coaches always guard against almost to the point of paranoia; making sure that they deal with the game/opponent at hand before looking forward to anything at all. And here was Mark Jackson with almost an entire quarter to play getting his team looking ahead and thinking that they had already accomplished something. This is why I have no fear about playing them in the second round.

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