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^^^ From a pure financial standpoint: Absolutely. LAL amnesties Kobe, no hesitation, no second thoughts about it.

Mamba is slated to make $30,453,000 next year. YIKES. Plus, the new CBA penalties (w/o repeater rates) kick in for next year. Double YIKES!, we all quietly think of all the reasons why the Lakers can't save themselves tens of millions in penalties by just letting a 33 yo with 60k+ career minutes played and multiple knee surgeries just go quietly into the night.

Those reasons are precisely why the Laker FO won't do it. Even the with the (short)Buss now calling the shots, the fan backlash and Kobe-tantrum that would result from amnesty would be untenable. MWP books just enough savings and frees up a roster slot eaten by one of their many has-been, ghost-of-themselves players that this gets done.

We can dream, though.
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