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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Any team that signs him is immediately relevant.
HOU wants him in the middle and Harden on the perimeter. That might not spell championship, but you sure get to buy some vowels.

Lakers will most likely amnesty one of those players not named Nash. Artest is the most likely option, but Gasol saves a lot more money. Kobe is probably untouchable.
Bingo to point one. Dwight is a fantastic post deterrence--hell, look at how he alters Parker's penetration game when he's 1) in the game, and 2) not in foul trouble. Dwight as alpha-scorer for a team is where the conflict arises. As broad as his shoulders are, he's just not wired to carry a team on his back when they NEED, NEED, NEED a bucket.

...and Artest/MWP/The Artist formerly known as Dirk McGurk: Here's to you as AMNESTY CANDIDATE OF THE YEAR 2013.
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