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Originally Posted by dark21horse View Post
The thing that gets to me is that some team out there is going to pay Dwight Howard max money. For what???????? A guy you can't even go to in the stretch to win a game for you? He can't shoot foul shots which means you can't keep him in the game in the final 2 minutes or so. He can't get his own shot like a Carmelo or a Lebron, so why pay him all that money??????
Any team that signs him is immediately relevant.
HOU wants him in the middle and Harden on the perimeter. That might not spell championship, but you sure get to buy some vowels.

Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Can't wait til the Lakers commit $60-70 per year to Dwightmare, limpin' Kobe and over-priced Pau. They're on the hook for two more years of Steve Nash , and they still have to pay Metta World War for another year.
Lakers will most likely amnesty one of those players not named Nash. Artest is the most likely option, but Gasol saves a lot more money. Kobe is probably untouchable.
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