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With as fast paced as the next round could be, it'd be nice to have Tiago, Diaw, Bonner and Blair all ready. Neither GS or Denver have strong post up games and the Spurs should be able to dominate either team.

Splitter is a very good passer and all around player and while he can't shut down a Dwight Howard, he more than holds his own against everyone else. His minutes per game against the lakers in the three playoff games were 23.7 which was only 1 minute different than during the regular season, where he averaged 24.7 minutes. His scoring and rebounds were both down, but nothing significant and his efficiency rating was a + 7.33.

There are some folks on this board who will never give him credit for his game no matter what he does. I'd rather he sit more and be ready for OKC, because that's where he's going to be needed, and while I wish we could, we can't expect Bonner to give the Spurs another performance like he just put in.
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