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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Howard apparently thinks he's beyond learning and adding to his game. He does have a post game, we saw flashes of it during the series. But he still, after all these years, hasn't learned to use them with a little more finesse instead of trying to clobber anyone in his path. Shaq, for all his girth, was tough to ref. But he still didn't throw elbows and shoulders every time he was under the basket. He used his size, but he didn't make it so obvious. That's why he got calls and that's why he dominated. Howard should be dominating. He's bigger than everyone else. Instead, he's more like a Yao Ming out there.
LOL Uwe love ya but man Shaq used to use that elbow to clear out all the time and complain against us etc. when he got called for that! He used to clear out! He used to get a whistle I remember and say naw man not me! He would throw that bow and clear out to dunk it, then called for it. I agree on that rest though.
Win or lose this is a game -
You could let it pick your brain for weeks and months, just replay it over and over, won't do you any good at all. When someone loses a loved one and they do that it only brings forth anguish. I feel acceptance is sometimes the key, it happened, now you have to react to it. Giving up is not an option.
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