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Originally Posted by polk View Post
I agree that SA has an advantage in the middle with Duncan since Lee is out, despite the fact that Bogut has been a tough matchup for him all the way back to his days in Milwaukee.

I also don't believe you can run with GS because that gives them open looks in transition and Curry and Thompson aren't going to go cold all of a sudden. They are not streak shooters ala Neal and Green. These guys are pure shooters.

Expound a little bit on the slow it down principle w/o simply coming down and dumping the ball into Tim. That stagnates the offense and takes us back to 2003-2007. Ball movement has been the key to their success. It will be a fine line that Tony will have to walk with respect to controlling tempo.
i think you can run with GS if you're the Spurs. the problem Denver has is they're trying to run with Ty Lawson and then bring in Andre Miller, who's a heck of a passer but not someone who can run at all. the problem the Spurs pose for Golden State is depth most of all. if the Spurs choose to run, Curry will have to handle Parker and then a Neal/Ginobili combo without much rest.

Bogut's success this series so far is that the game is running fast and Denver isn't healthy enough (Faried) or smart enough (McGee) to counter it in the paint. at least with Duncan we can slow down the game which may throw Golden State off. the Warriors would be the blessing since we wouldn't be at a disadvantage without having Splitter. Baynes could play a similar role vs. Bogut, same with Blair.

the only guy i think that may be at a disadvantage is Bonner because the Warriors would be better than him in every way, especially since he doesn't punish them with post ups.
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