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Howard used great post moves in Orlando when he was mentored by Dream. problem is that the offense that D'Antoni gave the team when Kobe was healthy wasn't relying on that. it was basically a faster form of the Princeton in which Kobe was the decision maker to throw up a shot or pass ASAP (unlike Brown's that relied on movement and passing from everyone).

Then Kobe gets hurt and they have to do a complete turnaround on the offensive plan with basically the bigs creating for themselves. there were no plays called if you look at it and D'Antoni when Howard/Gasol were forced to create on their own. MDA did give help to the guards because that's the only offense he knows. blame Dwight on quitting, but his effectiveness isn't entirely his fault. how do you basically go from a 7 seconds or less (maybe 12 seconds or less w/ this Laker team) and then go to pure post ups which is something the coach doesn't know anything about?
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