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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
Golden State. picked them before the playoffs to win this. their matchup vs. Denver is definitely in their favor, especially w/ Lee being injured. now they're quicker with great shooters out there.

we're really odds on favorites vs. them because Duncan can slow the game down and dominate the inside. only thing that worries me is Danny Green guarding Stephen Curry.
I agree that SA has an advantage in the middle with Duncan since Lee is out, despite the fact that Bogut has been a tough matchup for him all the way back to his days in Milwaukee.

I also don't believe you can run with GS because that gives them open looks in transition and Curry and Thompson aren't going to go cold all of a sudden. They are not streak shooters ala Neal and Green. These guys are pure shooters.

Expound a little bit on the slow it down principle w/o simply coming down and dumping the ball into Tim. That stagnates the offense and takes us back to 2003-2007. Ball movement has been the key to their success. It will be a fine line that Tony will have to walk with respect to controlling tempo.
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