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This is funny and belongs in this thread:

Is it just me, or do these San Antonio Spurs resemble a pack of vampires in high tops?

For one, they never seem to age. And by "they," I mean Tim Duncan, who just turned 37 but has been playing like a big man in the midst of his prime. "The Big Fundamental" has done a fine job of abusing Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol on both ends of the floor, despite being significantly older and sporting way more NBA mileage than either of them.

Secondly, the Spurs seem to be sucking the life right out of the Los Angeles Lakers.

While San Antonio's players—particularly Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker—are getting healthy, L.A.'s continue to drop like flies. Steve Blake and Jodie Meeks joined Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant among the wounded.

Like most good vampires, the Spurs are lurking in the shadows of the title race. Now that Russell Westbrook is on the shelf for the Thunder, the West may well be San Antonio's to lose, thanks in no small part to their beautifully executed offense, their top-notch defense, and their collective wealth of playoff experience.
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