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Originally Posted by billsmith3503 View Post
The lakers are over playing their injury card. Artest wont play. This screams of a team making excuses for having a crappy coach.

No matter how you slice this, D'antoni is to blame for the lakers sucking so bad. Overplaying older players, no defense, not skills based - his whole thing is tempo and that crap doesnt work. The Lakers pathetic whining this whole offseason isnt some freak unavoidable incident - what they have just blows.

I hope the spurs put a 50 point beat down on them losers. Then they fire that jerkoff coach.
Those are all the same reasons why I hope they keep him. Lakers fans hate him too. I think the Lakers play with intensity tonight. There just won't be many on the court that we have come to recognize. Gasol will be the only one out there with the intelligence and experience to know how to close out a game.
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