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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
It's not a given that Bonner's gone. They are going to need bodies, and bodies with experience in the system. Freeing up space is fine, but they are not going to land the big time free agent that takes all that space. They will probably sign some minor veterans. And up until last year, Bonner played significant minutes in the regular season and the playoffs. Now why would professional coaches and staff with much more knowledge of the game do that? Oh yeah, because he's not as bad as idiotic fans think he is.
Why does it have to be only one big time free agent player all the time? I'm sure Splitter and Neal want raises. Manu is a FA. Maybe there is a trade where they take a big contract but get a high draft pick for accepting the contract. Who knows. I don't see him staying at that price next season. That's not a far fetched idea. I'm not alone in that thought process.
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