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Couple of things here. First, its a lateral meniscus tear, which is much worse than a medial tear. I would also assume that if he is having surgery, its some sort of bucket handle, posterior horn, or complete radial tear. If he just needed some shaving, they would most likely wait until after the season to go in and do it. If it's a tear within the vascular area of the menisci, they may try and repair it with sutures or an implant. That would be better long term for Westbrook, but would make his recovery longer as they would have to immobilize it for awhile post op before he would even begin to rehab. Bottom line, its going to be very tough for him to return to the playoffs this year, unless they play to the end of May or June. Even then, he may not be ready depending on what they find when they are in surgery, and what they end up doing. Tough break. Things are lining up for the Spurs. But we need to stay focused, gain some momentum and, of course, stay healthy.
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