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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Agreed..... Question for Will and Co, what do you use the $3.9 mill for? Name a free agent to replace him with a proviso they come from the NBA because then we know what we are getting in return.

And with the available $10 mill that you probably want to tack that money onto what has our track record been like for attracting free agents from the top end of the market? Quick hint its pretty bad so don't count on a big free agent as your solution.

BTW Will you make huge statements from behind a screen, what are you basing your assurance that Bonner won't be here next year on? I see no signs that Bonner's status at the middle of the bench has changed, Blair seems to be the one more out of favour and first out.
Blair is out for sure. Did I ever debate that? Somehow you guys forget Bonner has a 1 million dollar buyout. 3.9 million might not seem much but with SJax and Manu's deals off the's a lot bigger than just one contract at 3.9 million. What did Bonner play during the season 12 minutes a game? That does not measure up to being worth 3.9 million for next year. To name a player right now is very silly. The playoffs are still going on and the draft is two months away. I hope he plays well but in the end I view him as trade bait with that team buyout option being available.
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